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Chelsea Chanel Dudley
, better known by her stage name, Chanel West Coast is a American rapper, television personality, secretary of Dyrdek Enterprises, and Young and Reckless model born on September 1, 1988. She came to promience her roles on MTV's Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness.


Chanel appears in Fantasy Factory as Rob Dyrdek's secretary and receptionist, she started working at the factory after meeting Dyrdek through MySpace, later auditioning for the part. She was later added as one of the main cast members in the first season. Dudley co-hosts Ridiculousness and portrays the voice of Flipz in the animated series, Wild Grinders as she had to actually skateboard down a hill to get a Wild Grinder character.

Music CareerEdit

Dudley is currently writing and recording songs for her debut album and mixtape. Dudley also performs at nightclubs and venue in the United States. Dudley also has done a photo shoot for the magazine, Maxim, which took place in the Fantasy Factory. She is now signed to Young Money Records.


Complication albumsEdit

  • Young Money: Rise of a Empire (2014)


  • Now You Know (2013)