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Robert Stanley "Rob" Dyrdek
or simply known as Lil' Rob is the animated version of Rob Dyrdek, he is also voiced by Dyrdek himself. Lil' Rob can also be seen in Wild Grinders.


Lil' Rob is the leader of the Wild Grinders, Lil' Rob knows when to have a good time, when he's not pulling pranks on his sister, Denise or hanging out with his side-pooch, Meaty. Lil' Rob skates all over Sprawl City, looking for a way to be famous and looking for new skate spots, also adventures. Lil' Rob has so many nicknames by Denise and Stubford. He often calls his father by his first name. Lil' Rob kind of has a rivalary with Flipz to see who is the best skateboarder.